MORGADES DEL RIO RENTER S.L.P. is a company specialized in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property matters, formed by a multidisciplinary team of Industrial Property Agents, lawyers, engineers and chemists, specialized in all technical areas.

The company originated with the Doctor Industrial Engineer and Official Industrial Property Agent, Mr. Josep Joan Morgades Graner back in 1940, becoming in 1973 the company of professionals, Morgades, S.L.  incorporating the Doctor Industrial Engineer Mr. Joan Antoni Morgades Manonelles, present manager of the company.

The family background of the company has given us the values ​​that we believe paramount in industrial relations, such as the commitment and dedication to our customer projects.  These values ​​have been complemented and enriched, over the years, by the incorporation to the company of professionals and agencies of recognized standing in the sector.

Thus, in 1992 took place the acquisition of the company “DEL RIO INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY AGENCY” founded in 1932. Later in 2002, the company “RENTER ASOCIADOS CB”, founded in 1931 was absorbed. Finally, in 2009 was merged with our company PASTELLS & ARAGONÉS SL, forming the present structure of MORGADES DEL RIO RENTER, SLP

This evolution allows us to be proud of our origins, gives us the experience of over 80 years in this sector and the professionality of each and every one of the persons who have joined us and guarantees us to be prepared for future changes in our environment, offering our customers an optimal and comprehensive service of counseling, preparation and registration of patents, designs, trademarks, trade names and domains, among other services.

Title of Industrial Property Agent of the company founder D. Josep Joan Morgades y Granero granted in 1944
Title of Industrial Property Agent of the company founder D. Josep Joan Morgades y Granero granted in 1944

This title of Industrial Property Agent shows the specialization that has been considered essential from the beginning in our company, in which professionals and reputable agencies have been incorporated, always relying on the great value of our team.